Woman caught with local businessman in bushes

A woman was caught having se_x with a local business owner while her baby was strapped to her back.

The woman of Masvingo City, Zimbabwe, was caught having s_ex with the owner of a famous supermarket.

The two went into a area that had tall grass and became intimate, while the baby was strapped to his mother’s back.

The two were caught when a cameraman scoured the area and found them. The cameraman took video of the two, before the two realized that they were being recorded.


The store owner was seen on video begging the cameraman to delete the video. However, he refused to do so.

The cameraman explained that he walks around in many quite grassy and wooded areas where he always finds cheating couples in compromising positions. He also said that Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days in which cheating couples get together.

He sometimes finds cars parked near these areas and he finds couples either making out in the car or in the open field. He takes photos and videos of the acts.