Woman bust with 3 albino private parts

A woman using public transportation in a taxi travelling from Johannesburg to Durban was caught with three human private parts in her luggage.

The woman, Josephine Zulu, who said she hails from KwaMashu in KwaZulu natal was bust at the 300km mark towards Durban when other passengers complained of a foul smell in the Quantum minibus taxi. Passengers in the minibus say they told the driver to stop the vehicle and do a search after the unbearable smell.

Each passenger was told to claim their bags before the search and upon searching one woman, the gruesome discovery was made in a plastic bag which was hidden among her clothes.


An eye witness told Asinavalo : “She was fidgety from the time we left Joburg and was clutching her bag. At first I thought the smell would pass but it got worse:, said the eye-witness.

The woman was then taken to Hiddelburg Police station after trying to bribe the police. Investigation continue to take place.

In rural areas there are still false beliefs such as that if they add the body parts of an albino, it will make them more powerful.