Husband’s shock at catching his new wife and maid making love

A man who set up CCTV camera in his home after suspecting his maid of stealing got the shock of his life when he instead caught his maid and wife maing love.

Piet Leigh, of Sandton in Gauteng installed the high tech CCTV system as a safety precaution. This after he started missing stuff in his house. He also installed it as it was recommended by his insurance company.


On the fateful day, the heartbroken Piet said he was watching the CCTV footage in real time on his smartphone when he saw he wife, who was supposed to be at work, jump on the bad and shortly afterwards, their maid followed her. The two are then seen kissing and engaging in some l3sbian s_ex. The whole video is 8 minutes long. Soon afterwards, Piet’s wife dresses up and leaves for work.

The Leigh’s, who have been married for 5 months, are currently seeing a marriage counselor. Piet’s wife told him she did not know how to tell him that she was attracted to both women and men.

Piet refused to comment