Watch : Women line up for moreki

HE POPS up with bundles of cash and hands out money to people. Nobody knows who this moreki is or why he does it.  BUT NOBODY IS ASKING QUESTIONS EITHER. Like the song says, Ska Bhora Moreki! And the message is clear. Don’t bore or bother the buyer.

As long as he is buying the drinks and doing the blessing, don’t ask questions. This mystery moreki is happy to bless and give a helping hand to the needy. On a video posted on Facebook the man is seen dishing out one hundred and two hundred rand notes to queueing women, most of them holding children.

On his Facebook page, Moreki Finder, he declares: “I should give out to my charity tomorrow. I will give each person R400 because the government only gives people R350 with which they have to feed kids.”

While he doesn’t seem to mind people making videos and there are lots of pictures of him on his Facebook page, he does not want to identify himself.

He said whoever needs help can contact him and he will give them a lift in life. And he invites people to come to him for a hand-out. “If you also want money, please share and like my page and inbox me.” He claims that he will check to see if the person really needs help.

“Send me a WhatsApp with your picture and location and I will connect you with Moreki, who will care for you.”

Moreki seemingly moves between Limpopo and Gauteng. “Moreki is around Gauteng, waiting,” he said.


Social media is going crazy with women trying to locate the blesser, while others praise him for helping the needy. Kerometsoe Xaba wrote on Facebook: “At least you are doing something great by giving to those who can’t even afford bread. We thank you for being kind. God will always bless you.”

Phindile Semenya’s post said: “I need help. We lost our parents, we are not working. We need money, electricity and water. If we don’t pay they are going to cut it off and the groceries we buy don’t last for the whole month.”

Daily Sun managed to track down the man people call moreki on the phone.

He would not disclose his real name or where he came from, but insisted what he is doing comes from the heart.

“Yes, I do like to help the needy and help make people’s dreams come true.”

Asked for more comment he said: “Well, I’m not yet ready for an interview. We will have to wait.”