WARNING : Women Finally Reveal 7 Things That They Hate In Bed

Read what these women consider a turn-off below.
1. Bad cond_om etiquette.

“Debating about whether or not to put on a cond_om. Shut up and put on the con_dom.” – A, 28

2. Not treating the cl_it right.

“I would say spitting on my vag_ina, not finding my cl_it, using teeth down below are my most hated moves.” – B, 23

3. When you cannot get hard.

“A guy not being able to get hard. I know it happens, and usually isn’t anyone’s fault, but I can’t help blaming myself in the back of my head” – M, 22

4. Bad head game.

“I really dislike when they ‘fin_ger’ you with their tongue while going down! Like, I don’t need your little tongue di_ck pene_trating me!”
5. Not into it.


“One guy had me rub around his pe_nis for a really long time, and kept checking his phone every few minutes. Bad idea” D, 29.

6. Forcing an_al

“Do not just ‘go’ for an_al se_x. I don’t care how long we’ve been together; you need to ask and make sure I’m down for it and ready.” S, 35.

7. When you have ‘daddy’ issues.

“Someone said I was ‘tight like a little girl’ once. I was absolutely done with that as soon as he said it.’ A, 28

8. Overly needing reassurance.

“When they ask, ‘Did you come?’ If you have to ask, the answer is NO.” – E, 30