UCT final year student hostel video leaked

Authorities at the University of Cape Town have begun investigations into how a nu_d3 video of a female student of the school was leaked.

The video of a student of the University of Cape Town has gone viral on social media.

The girl is believed to have contested for the position of President of the Students Representative Council of the school in 2016

Speaking to Asinavalo the President of the SRC says the dean of students of the school has begun investigations into the matter and added that the said student in the video is believed to have circulated the video herself.


“From the little work we did it looks like she personally did them. She personally handed the videos out on her social media pages. Investigations are ongoing. I know that the Dean of Students has taken up this matter. It just started this week so investigations are ongoing,” he stated.

He also added that the said student had not been confirmed as a candidate for their upcoming SRC elections so therefore she could not hold herself as such.

“She has not been cleared for any election. The process will start somewhere next week Tuesday, that is the opening up of nominations and that has not been done yet,”, he said.

He however admitted that the said girl had an ambition to be SRC president.