Bi tokoloshe terrorises husband and wife

A husband and wife who got a tokoloshi muthi from a witch doctor to make them rich quickly are regretting the move after the tokoloshi turned out to be gay and forces itself on them every night.

Narrating their misfortune, the husband said he was down on his luck after having been retrenched from his previous job and spending 8 months with no job or source of income. The desperate man, Mr Ntuli said he met with the witch doctor in a bar in Empangeni and the two formed a friendship. The witchdoctor who said to be from Malawi, is said to have offered his friend some muthi to get him rich.


“The muthi worked for a month or two and I would wake up with money in a pot that he gave me. I told my wife about it and she was happy with me”. Trouble started when the witch doctor died. The family said on the night, the wife felt some invisible force pinning her to the bed and having it’s way with her. Soon after that, the husband felt the same force.

The wife told the husband in the morning and when they checked the pot, they found two used c0nd0ms.  Since then, the Ntuli’s say they live in fear of the tokoloshe. “Sometimes it pins me while I am cooking, and even when ubaba is driving, it just goes for him. Our life is a mess”, Ms Ntuli pleaded for any church man or sangoma to rescue the family.