Six secret tips to become a champion in bed

To many people, being skilled at s_ex is just a matter of knowing about the 1 billion s3_x moves. It is just a combination of dos and don’ts that are guaranteed to change the way you partner views you s3_xually.

Good thing is that they do not require anything other than the will…

Judge not. One of the biggest mistakes people do, especially with regular partners is judging their preferences. It is very important that you allow your partner express his/her fantasy and be open to different desires and turn-ons. When you listen, and comply as much as you can, to your partner’s s3_xual needs, he or her sees you in a more positive light.

Make a joyful noise. Sounds are part of the s3_xual experience. So talk dirty. If you want to make the experience more memorable, then know when to moan and make other coital sounds.


Stay fit. This is not rocket science. The more flexible and fit you are, the better your chances of given a better s3_xual performance when duty calls.

Love your neighbour. The ultimate commandment is to be able to put your partner’s needs above yours from time to time. If you notice that your partner likes a particular positionthen oblige him or her. It doesn’t mean you should exist for them alone, just once in a while. Your partner would surely love it.

Be creative. You should be able to use the things you see around the house as s3_x toys/enhancements. For example, the edge of your bathtub could become a prop.

Reciprocate. It is important that you make it a habit to reciprocate in bed. For example, if you get 0_ral s3x, give it back, in full measure.

If you can activate at least four of the above you’ll definitely perform better in bed.