Things you should NOT do before having s3x

Just like there are certain rules to eating, like washing your hands before eating swallow. There are some things you shouldn’t do before s3_x. You can do these things, they’re not like the Ten Commandments that if you go against, you go to hell and burn forever.

1. Taking some allergy drugs (antihistamines)
This isn’t all the allergy drugs but those that contain antihistamines. These drugs help dry out mucus membranes to relieve nasal congestion, but they dry out other parts of your body as well.

2. Don’t eat spicy foods
For those people who believe anything not spicy doesn’t taste great. You need to stop that tirade if you want to have good se_x. Eat it when you know you aint getting any action, because as it turns out food can affect vagina odor and taste.


3. Drinking too much
A little drinking can make the s3_x better but a little tipsy in the body can be good for s3_x but over drinking can ruin it.

4. Don’t use your electric toothbrush
Technology is good, and directional use of electric toothbrushes can be satisfying but you should stay away from it if you want to have s3_x in a few minutes time.

5. Don’t shave
Shaving is an advisable for everyone but if you’re to have s3_x in the next couple of minutes or hours. You should probably postpone it.

6. Don’t use food as foreplay
I know this sounds pretty much like a good idea but its not especially not chocolate, that can lead to post s3_x yeast infection.