Things You Must Do To Get More From Your Woman

Sometimes, as a relationship grows older partners grow apart and their s3_xual relationship become more and more infrequent. In most cases, it is the man who is left wanting — starved because he has not earned it.
Believe it or not, it is your fault.

For men who are willing do what it takes to get back into the bedroom game, here are some things you should do:

Always give what you get. One thing you must always have on your mind is that se_x is a give and take thing. Some men will just lie down and let the woman do all the giving.

More foreplay. F0 replay is very important for women because it takes more time for them to get to climax than the average man.

It’s about her. Ask her what she wants and give it to her. Communicating during s3_x is very important. When she knows that you are not selfish, she will be more inclined to let you in.


Get romantic at all times. Women like to be hugged and kissed randomly, not just when you are having s3_x. Some men are in the habit of switching off emotionally until they want s3_x.

Speak sweet, during and after. Don’t be one of the guys that turn away and leave once they finish. Hold her tight and speak to her There is nothing more romantic than drawing her close.

Be spontaneous, try something new. Anything done too many times, the same way, becomes boring. If you want to keep her interested, you must be willing to try new things —positions, new locations (bedroom, kitchen, hotel, pool) and new experiences. Discuss with her before trying anything out, though.