Things to do for your woman

The best way to warm your girlfriend’s heart is to shower her with simple love gestures and show her how amazing she is.

There are several ways to accomplish that. Expensive dates and gifts and all are nice but as they say, it’s the little things that always matter.

Here are some memorable and cute things to make your girlfriend feel appreciated.

1. Cook her a surprise meal.
You might be the worst cook in the world and she’s not going to care. She’s going to appreciate the effort, unless she really hates you, which I hope she doesn’t. Girls love it when men go out of their way to do little cute things for them.

2. Feed her using your hands or spoon.
When the two of you are at the table, don’t jut concentrate on stuffing food into your stomach. Feed your girlfriend. Not the whole plate, just a few times. She will love it. And after she has swallowed, plant a soft kiss on her lips.

3. Bend over and help her wear her shoes.
When your girlfriend wants to put on her shoes, bend over and help her push her feet into them. Again, just do this when she’s not expecting it. It’s a super nice gesture to her.

4. Take excellent care of her when she’s sick.
When your girlfriend is sick, be the world’s best nurse for her. I know that some girls are really stubborn even when they have a simple flu but let that not irritate you. Be understanding. Girls love men who are willing to tolerate their stubbornness. Take great care of her until she gets well and she will value you forever.


5. Call her cute names.
It’s boring and unromantic to address your girlfriend by her real name all the time. Give her nicknames, even if they are silly. So long as they are not annoying or offensive.

6. Pick her up from work or school.
You know the trick? Don’t tell her you’ll be doing it. Call her and ask her what time she’ll be leaving then show up thirty minutes before that time. Then text her and tell her that you are there to pick her up.

7. Fix something you know she can’t fix herself. (Bulb, computer, whatever.)
Girls don’t really like mechanical things so when you notice that something she frequently uses isn’t functioning well and needs fixing, do it for her, even before she asks you to.

8. Listen to her when she comes home upset about something and sympathize even if it sort of doesn’t make any sense.

Of course girls get upset sometimes about things that might not make sense to a man. Either way, it’s the man who listens to a woman that ends up having her heart. If you don’t listen to your girlfriend, another man will and that will make all the difference.

9. Help her apply nail polish.
Just let her show you how to do it. She’ll love it.