Seven places you should have s_3x

If you’ve had s3_x in these places then you my friend are a winner, if not. Make this list with your partner and cross it off one after the other.
Okay, so let’s dive into the places you need to have s3_x at least once at some point of your life.

1. On the couch
Not the kind of place you were thinking would be number 1 right? I know that, but we’re trying to make a lot of people happy, think of it this way. Every guy can score a point here if they’ve done it before.

2. At a hotel
Still the bar is low here and I understand that, the kick out of this is simple. You can pretend to be someone else and what’s the best advantage to this? You don’t have to clean up or anything.

3. Underneath/On stairs
This is going a notch higher because it involves a certain kind of risk involved the risk of getting caught by your neighbors, and labelled freak.

4. At an event
This one you have to do, for the sake of being spontaneous. Try to keep this on a list of To-do’s. Sometimes, as men, we’re distracted only for us to get to party and the mind is clear as day, then you realise how much her bo_obs are popping right now, or there is a fantastic way the dress makes her ass big.


5. In the car
As a South African, if you can get over the superstition that having s3_x inside the car can lead to the engine of the car knocking then it’s all yours to achieve. Get some action in a car, hopefully stationary and not moving is exciting.

6. Infront of a mirror
While this might sound like something Cristiano Ronaldo does, you should try it too. It is an egotistical thing to do but this can allow you to see what you look like during s3_x which can be a big turn on for you.

7. On a plane
This is the one almost everyone wants to do even celebrities want to do it, its called the Mile High Club, and who wouldn’t want to join. That pleasure has been reserved for a just a handful of people.

Imagine being able to successful to do it like I did, you and your partner would never forget in a very long time and would even tell people without them asking you.