School testing video goes viral

A school in the Northern Cape province is under investigation after a video showing Grade 8 girls being tested for vi_rginity by the elder students.

The incident came to light after one girl was beaten up for refusing the test. When she reported to class the following morning, teachers noticed she had a blue eye. She revealed the practice after being quizzed and also produced the video as proof.

More students came forward to testify they had been subjected to the test since they came to the boarding school this month. All of the girls who came forward are in grade 8. One girl who was also ‘tested’ said the superiors , mostly doing matric, forced them and said should they refuse, they would make their lives a living hell.


A parent who refused to comment for fear of having her child victimised said she will be taking her daughter to another school in the new term.

An education department official said they received a report from a concerned parent and are waiting for an official report from the school principal before taking the next step.

The school principal said “It is a sensitive matter and we are dealing with it internally’