School principal admits to having affair with teenager

A principal has admitted to having s3_x with a pupil at his school.

The 52-year-old principal, who also owns the Johannesburg high school, said this after the mother of the 17-year-old accused him of r@-ping her daughter.He is also being investigated by the Department of Basic Education and could be struck off the educators’ register if found guilty.

The s3-xual encounters happened at the principal’s house after he offered to take in the teenager. The mother has opened a case and police have sent the docket to the National Prosecuting Authority to decide whether to press charges.

“She [the pupil] lay down on my bed n*ked,” said the principal. “I looked at her and she asked me if I was ashamed of removing [my] clothes. When a woman is lying n*ked, I am a man. It’s not once, not twice, how can that be r*pe?”

He said the teenager seduced him.

“I have never once removed her clothes with my hands. So, if a woman pulls off her pants before you, you are invited.”

The principal said he was being made a scapegoat because the girl wanted to reconcile with her mother.

Yesterday , the principal said he had s_3x with the pupil to stop her sleeping with other men.

“I felt that her going out is because of lovemaking. I felt that if I started to touch her she would stop going out. . [At one point] she started complaining that I slept after one round. She said her boyfriends do it three or four times. I told her I was old and she said I did not know how to f***.”

“I thought that if I had s3.x with her, I could cure her from going out but she never stopped. She has developed so much in s3.x that she was uncontrollable,” he said.


The mother said she and her husband decided the Grade 11 pupil should stay with the principal because she was disrespectful and at times did not sleep at home.

“He said he knew how to handle children like her and stayed with two more children who were also brought in by their parents .

“He told me about other children that he helped and who were able to pass matric. I believed he would help my child too.The agreement was that I will continue to pay school fees, give her pocket money, buy her toiletries and that she would eat what they ate in the house.”

She said the principal informed her on November 5 that her daughter had absconded from school.

Her daughter returned home the same day and handed her a letter telling what had happened to her.”She was crying and in a bad state. She said she felt dirty and useless. She also begged me to forgive her and take her back.”

The principal claims he did not know her age before sleeping with the teen .

“… Because of the level she has gone in terms of men … no one can predict her size, age and experience,” said the principal.

He accused the mother of being annoyed that he had s#_x with her daughter because she also wanted to go out with him. The mother accused police of dragging their feet. She opened a case of rape on November 8.

Johannesburg Central spokesman Captain Xoli Mbele confirmed a case of rape was opened.

“We handed the principal a warning statement informing him of the charges we are investigating against him,” he said.

The principal confirmed he met with police and department of education officials.