Scandal rocks Polokwane

A s3_x scandal has hit the city of Limpopo which has brought fear among elders of the area.

The said s#_x video is alleged to have been recorded in Polokwane by a young man named Rudzwani who was seen in the video having s3_xual intercourse with a lady named Rahi.

The s3_x act took place on Christmas day with reports that the video was shared by Rudzwani’s girlfriend when she saw it on his phone.

Information gathered indicted that the lady Rahi is a married woman with a child and the said young man is an ex-boyfriend who she has been dating secretly even though she is married.

The husband of the lady (Rahi) Simon, a known elder in Polokwane who was alleged to be privy to his wife’s misbehavior bought a new car for her to discourage her from such acts till the unfortunate happen.


Rahi has since moved out of her husband’s home to an unknown location but reports indicated that she has fled the town.

Some leaders in the township who felt the attitude of the youth in the area is becoming appalling called on opinion leaders to summon the two to the Chief’s palace and punish them to serve as a deterrent to the rest.

The 1:01 seconds se_x tape video available to Asinavalo! revealed the two having hot s3_xual intercourse believed to be in Rudzwani’s room.

The said video revealed the two exhibiting exotic s3 xual positions with Rahi moaning indicating she was enjoying it.

At the latter part when she could not take it anymore, she pleaded with Rudzwani to stop until he finished and spread the seed on Rahi’s private part with glee.