South Africans drinking this beverage to boost li_bid0

Turns out the proudly SA drink is a pretty good ap_hrodisiac, and is a lot cheaper than oysters.

For centuries people have been searching for foods and magical potions to enhance their lib_ido, but partners planning on making the most of their Valentine’s Day, might be surprised to learn that one such natural ap_hrodisiac, due to its exceptionally high antioxidant content, is rooibos.

According to experts, antioxidants are critical for a healthy lib_ido. Aside from enhancing general health, antioxidants also allow for the healthy functioning of vital blood vessels and capillaries necessary for optimal se_xual function. In addition, antioxidants also ensure that neurons keep firing feel-good messages to the brain, which is considered the most important organ in the body as far as intimacy is concerned.

According to the SA Rooibos Council, the tea is exceptionally rich in antioxidants – in fact, it contains 50% more antioxidants than green tea, ranking right up there with other li_bido jump-starters such as red wine and oysters.


Adele du Toit, spokesperson for the SA Rooibos Council, explains that antioxidants are substances that are not naturally produced in the human body. Instead, they are obtained through consuming brightly coloured fruits, vegetables and, in particular, rooibos tea.

“Antioxidants can be thought of as the ‘waste collectors’ of the nutritional world. They clean up free radicals in the blood that are produced through the oxygenation process as cells use energy. Free radical accumulation is associated with degenerative illnesses, aging and some life-threating diseases.

“More research continues to confirm the link between foods that we eat, our sense of wellbeing and even our emotions. Eating right, by incorporating food and beverages that are high in antioxidants, such as rooibos tea, is one of the best ways to boost your li_bido. The good news is that these foods don’t have to break the bank. Rooibos tea, for example, sells for a fraction of the cost of a bottle of good red wine. Alternatively, look for a wine that contains rooibos, to get the best of both,” says du Toit.

For those looking forward to a romantic night in, here are a few rooibos delicacies that are sure to enhance the romantic mood on Valentine’s Day.