Two men caught on camera having fun

Two men were filmed having s_x acts on each other in the toilets of a popular Johannesburg restaurant. A videographer captured the moment as the two men stood by the urinals next to each other and started playing with each other’s anacondas.

The person who recorded the incident said the both men had come to the restaurant with their female partners. During the meal, the men, who were seated at different tables excused themselves and went to the toilet where the action was captured.


According to the videographer ,  one of the men had a ring on his wedding finger. “These men know each other from somewhere and they might be still in the closet from the looks of things”

In the video, the two men can be seen taking turns to suck each other’s lollipop while looking out for people entering the toilet. They forgot to check how was behind the closed doors.

The man who took the video said he felt sorry for the men’s female partners as they obviously unaware of the going ons.