Prophet Mboro to spend new year in heaven

Prophet Mboro has announced that he will be going to heaven again to spend new year.

The pastor, who claimed he made the same trip last year said he is planning to enter 2017 in heaven.
This time, his followers are in luck because he is taking along 30 lucky followers with him to heaven.

The announcement was made at his church during the Sunday service with tickets selling at R50 000 per head.

“I am going to spend the new year in heaven and God told me to bring 30 faithful sheep. The trip takes three days. We will leave on the 31st of December and come back on the 2nd of January. ” , the pastor said.


He further explained that the trip would cost R50 000. “This time we will be touring the whole of heaven. Last time I did not get to tour the whole Kingdom but this time we will be touring the whole place accompanied by angels, Ruth and Luke. On the last day, we will have dinner with Jesus”.

Soon as the announcement was made, congregants made a rush to buy the tickets and the whole batch was sold out within minutes.

Some people who did not manage to buy their tickets were left disappointed and begged the pastor to avail more seats.