Pretoria husband caught with maid, video goes viral

A Pretoria based business mogul has been exposed for being a serial cheat after his wife caught him in the process of bonking his maid. This happened last week after the man’s wife came back home to check up on him unannounced.

The man, only identified as Joel, is said to have faked illness that morning so he could spend quality time with the maid. Unbeknownst to him, his loving wife decided to take a day off work and come back home to take care of the supposedly gravely ill man.


Upon arrival at home, the wife heard sounds coming from the main bedroom and went to investigate thinking the husband was crying from pain. She made the shocking discovery when she found her husband, fit as a fiddle, on top of the maid.

The startled couple faced the wrath of the wife as she beat them up with a cooking stick.