Watch : DeadPose goes completely wrong

Not that there was anything right about the trend to begin with.

South African Twitter started 2017 on a dead note, literally, with people posting pictures of themselves posing as if they were dead. While some pretended to have hanged themselves, some were pictured in lying positions, with red liquid smeared on them to make it look like they were bleeding.

The trend has been condemned by many, who are calling it “insensitive”.

In a video posted on Facebook by Realistic Prince, a woman can be seen lying on the floor in a house. The sad part about this is that it involves a toddler, who is clearly convinced that his mother, according to the comments on the page, is dead. The child can be heard crying hysterically.


“This #DeadPose thing This is actually not even funny. Poor child…. This could traumatise this baby for life,” said one user. Others called the woman “ruthless” and not deserving to be a mother.

Watch the video below: