Pastor’s wife camouflage video leaks

The camouflage  trend has taken Africa by storm. One would be forgiven of think the army has deployed a lot of cadres to patrol the streets this festive season.

However, one woman is regretting joining the trend after she wanted to ‘spice’ this up by wearing a hot and s3xy video wearing camouflage gear and sending to her husband.

Nicole Doro, a pastor’s  wife in Zimbabwe, found herself in hotsoup after she mistakenly sent the video that was meant for her husband to the church group via WhatsApp.


One group member said “She is a leader and her husband is the pastor. We are all shocked that she does that”

The pastor was however adamant there was nothing wrong with the picture. “It’s just unfortunate the video landed in the wrong group but couples should do that”, the pastor suppopted his wife.

The video was extensively shared online.