Pastor tries to drown side chick during baptism

A Johannesburg preacher was arrested for attempting to drown his side chick while baptizing her during a Sunday ceremony where bystanders realized things were going wrong after 5 minutes past, and the pastor hadn’t brought her up for air.

Further investigations revealed that the woman was pregnant with the pastor’s child and had threatened to expose the pastor. During the baptism the pastor submerged the woman and kept her under water for an extended period of time.


“She was struggling and we could see her feet and arms struggling. One church deacon then went to check”, said a church member. It was reported when the woman was finally released from imminent death. Only then did the angry woman start revealing all the candid details of how she was made pregnant by the married pastor whom she met in a strip club.

“She told us how the pastor was a freak and that he made her do dirty things”, a congregant also added.

Pastor Ronnie will face attempted murder charges and has already started passing around a collection plate to take care of his legal bills.