Pastor makes congregants touch themselves

A charismatic local preacher in Benoni,South Africa has drawn shock and criticism after he asked his congregants to take off their clothes in church and self st1 mulate until they 0rga_sm on the floor.

According to the pastor,the holy act of mast*rbation would produce sacrosanct fluids which would make the floor as sacred as heaven. Those that participated in the practice would be rewarded with eternal life free of sickness , as God has told the pastor that the holy produce of the act would be taken as a sacrifice to the heavens.

In 5 mins video of the church service,the pastor can be heard telling the congregants that God has already sent the angels to oversee the event. “Start now,the angels are here watching to see who is doing and not doing.” the pastor bellows out loudly.


Shortly afterwards he instructs all his members to take off their clothes and look at the most attractive person in the church ,and then start to self stimulate. The blurry video then goes black but the audio remains ,and the congregants can be heard moaning in the background.

The pastor,Edisah Mensah ,claims to be a spiritual son of Prophet Mboro ,and has gained notoriety in his homeland of late with a series of shocking requests and miracles. At the time of writing several religious leaders indicated that they wanted to file a complaint with the police of public indecency and find a way to make the church answerable to the commission that guards religion.

The congregation of the church defended their pastor however,saying that pastors can only do what God tells them, and that people must not question God. Members of the church are expected to double this Sunday ,after the Pastor promised God would allow people to have one night stands for one night only in the church.