Pastor killed after prophecy he made to woman fails

A woman killed her pastor and went to hand herself over to the police station in a bizarre incident that has set people in a Zimbabwe village talking.

The woman, Susan Godongwe of Muzarabani in Zimbabwe, reportedly slit her pastor’s throat with a kitchen knife. The woman claimed the pastor had lied to her that she was to get married in 2016. Instead, she was single on the last day of 2016 and was last asked out by a man in June 2016.


According to police, the woman walked into the police station while covered in blood and made the gruesome confession to the officer in charge. She led the police to the place where she had left the body and was subsequently arrested.

The woman had ambushed the pastor near the fields after waiting for him to pass as he did daily on his way to his home from visiting members of the community. She told of how she first hit the unsuspecting man with a log before stabbing him with the knife and cutting his throat.

The community was left shocked by the incident.