MTN employee caught on camera self servicing on his bike

A video showing a biker self pleasuring in the streets has gone super viral.

The 2 minute clip shows a biker in MTN regalia looking at a mirror and it appears as if he was looking at someone in the mirror. He then proceeds to unbutton his shirt and reveals his gigantic anaconda.  It is not known who he was performing for but from the looks of things, there was someone in the cafeteria looking at him. Or he enjoyed watching a reflection of himself.


The incident happened infront of a restaurant and one person in the restaurant recorded it. The man, who was also wearing his bike helmet and a pair of glasses, is oblivious of the people walking around and continues to ‘mind his own business’

Towards the end of the clip the man finishes his deed and the video stops recording. The man is believed to be an MTN airtime vendor in Ghana