Mr Ibu to run for presidency

John Okafor,a Nollywood actor and comedian,who is considered to be one of Nigeria’s most talented comic characters with his humorous acting often characterised by stupidity, hilarious imbecility and a sharp disconnection from reality,has decided to quit acting and venture fulltime into politics,according to Nigeria Times.

According to Mr Okafor,he has been left with no option but to join politics so that he gets in a position to change and adjust a number of aspects that have not been changed by what he termed as ‘corrupt and ‘useless’ politicians that have ruined Nigeria’s resources and human rights ever since he was born.


”If I was President, harmful military groups like Boko Haram wouldn’t even exist,none of the girls would have been captured in the first place. Besides,the number of gays and lesbians in this country is growing daily and none of these issues have been addressed”, fumed the former actor.

When the unusual news reached the ears of the ECG church leader Prophet Shepherd Bushiri,he scoffed and advised him to dump his decision and added that politics is no child’s play.