Moves to keep the fire burning

Like almost everything we do, after a while it gets boring, then its just there. After a while of having s3_xx with the same routine, it’s bound to become plain and uninteresting no matter how interesting it was previously.

When that situations arises, when you get bored of s_ex, and you’re not down for harder spanking or going out of the box. There are ways of spicing it up without necessarily going off the reservation.

Doing things differently can be pinching or slapping her ass when you’re kissing her fondly.
Here are  ideas of what you can do.


1. Kiss her neck and spank sharply
The neck is a sensitive region of the body for a woman, especially the back of her neck, its one of the most powerful erogenous zones in her body. Kiss the back of her neck softly then follow it up with a sharp spank on her @ss. The kiss at the back of the neck she will expect but not the sharp spank while doing it. The surprise of this action can make her turned on more.

2. Go for dominant dog_gy to missionary style
The element of surprise is always welcomed, what you need to do here is switch on her. During the dominant dog_gy style, switch it up. Turn her on her back and make sweet slow love to her in missionary style. Observe her as you change this up on her.

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