Mona Monyane attacked for wearing bikini

A woman’s rights group has shamed Muvhango actress Mona Monyane who acts as Dr Nthabeleng for posting a picture while holding her daughter and wearing a bikini outfit.

The lobby group said Mona was teaching her child bad behavior and she will grow up thinking women are s_ex objects. The groups spokesperson said “We want Mona Monyane to take down those pictures and apologise. Failure of which we are going to sue her for child endangerment and negligent. We want that baby to be brought up in a safe environment”

Mona posted the picture on Instagram with the caption : 2016 was the year I was stripped down, broken down, the year I died and the God in me was born. The year my body showed me it’s majesty, it’s sheer magic. It’s ability to transform, to endure and overcome the thin line between life and death, to create life and bring it into the world and then to bounce right back. The year physical and spiritual clearly distinguished themselves in that moment. The girl in me died when the mother was born. I’m grateful for the downs as much as the ups because it made me stronger, more confident and grateful for everything I have. I’m ready for 2017. Here’s to new beginnings, here’s to love, family and success and here’s to not accepting anything less than what I’m worth


See the controversial picture below :


She also posted this picture which was taken on the same day :