Mandla Hlatshwayo’s lover banned from his funeral

SHE says she is Mandla Hlatshwayo’s baby mama. This is according to a source who claims Kombi Ngubane has been told she can’t mourn Mandla. SHE HAS BEEN TOLD NOT TO COME NEAR THE HLATSHWAYO HOME TOMORROW, IT’S CLAIMED.

According to a source, Kombi is not welcome to set foot anywhere near Mandla’s home. The source revealed that this has brought Kombi pain and confusion because there is a baby involved. “Mandla and Kombi loved each other dearly and they had been together for five years. He even paid lobola for her in 2014 and they were planning their son’s second birthday celebration for next month.”

The source alleged the couple had a fight in March and, although they didn’t see each other often after than, Mandla was always calling her. The two were apparently together two weeks ago and they were supposed to meet last Friday but postponed getting together because of work commitments.

“She last spoke to Mandla on Sunday morning when he wished her happy Mother’s Day. Little did she know it would be the last time she heard his voice.” The source claimed Kombi was being sidelined by Mandla’s family. “She got a call from Mandla’s brother on the morning the news of Mandla’s death broke. He told her she shouldn’t count on being the chief mourner as she was not welcome at their home.”


The source claimed Kombi doesn’t want to fight with the family. She just wants a chance to mourn and pay her last respects to the father of her child. “Mandla’s family never accepted their relationship and showed her they didn’t like her when Mandla went to introduce her. But there is a child involved.”

The source claimed Kombi and Mandla lost a child three years ago and the little boy is their second. “Kombi wants the little boy to say goodbye even though he is still too young to understand what is happening.”

Kombi told the source she knew about Mandla’s wife but claimed Mandla told her they had formally divorced in 2012.

She also knew about the woman who is Mandla’s chief mourner because they had a child together before Kombi came on the scene.

The SunTeam spoke to Mandla’s brother, Lucky Hlatshwayo, who said the family never said anyone was not welcome.

“We want to give our brother a dignified funeral and his children are welcome to attend. So whoever told you that we don’t want the baby mamas to attend should give you an explanation.

“We know nothing about that.”