Man buys dead donkey

In Limpopo, a man was convinced to buy a dead donkey because it was too shy to stand up. Vuyani Mashudu from Bela Bela left the police station in stitches when he went to report that his newly purchased donkey had not stood up yet and was starting to smell.

Not understanding his story, the police asked him to lead them to where the donkey was and were shocked to see flies buzzing around the donkey. It was dead. However, Mashudu was adamant the donkey was alive and just ‘shy’ as the seller had told him.


According to Mashudu, he bought the donkey from his ex wife who left him a year ago because he was too soft. She brought the donkey to him in a wheelbarrow and convinced him to buy it saying it was too shy and would stand up and get free after a few days. Mashudu believed her and paid R1500 for the donkey.

When it eventually dawned on him that he had been conned, Mashudu refused to open a case against his ex wife and said he would bury the donkey instead.