Uncut Video : Man buries face in big b0.0ty at pool party

A new video showing a well known public figure burying his face in a pr0_stitute has gone viral after being leaked online. The video, which is believed to have been shot at Da L.E.S’ all white party which was a major flop after police shut down the party.

The incident happened before police came and stopped the party. According to a guest at the party, stri_ppers were brought in to the party and they were in the pool completely na_ked.

Hundreds of partygoers were left disappointed when Metro police swooped in on rapper Da L.E.S’s All White Pool Party and shut it down on Saturday afternoon. Girls and guys all dressed in their fancy gear were turned away at the gates, when several police officers pitched up at Da L.E.S’s fancy Bryanston pad.


Cops wasted no time in enforcing the law, and instructed organisers to close down with immediate effect.

Da L.E.S said that the party was not cancelled but postponed to another date. “The party’s been moved due to unforseen circumstances, the official date for the 8th annual All White Pool Party is February 18 and we got a lot of surprises in store. We planning to do something big, everything happens for a reason,” he said.

The rapper added that he would not allow negativity into his life. “I’m on a road of positivity and love, and I will not allow anything to stop that,” he added.

Da L.E.S refused to comment on the video