Confession : My employee makes me watch her

A maid has made a strange confession on Facebook after saying her employees make her watch them in action.

The maid who comes from Zimbabwe and is working for the couple in Sandton wrote  : “I work for a young couple here in Sandton and they are really good to me. I have worked for them from February of this year. However ,  from August I noticed that they started to be very intimate around me. They would French kiss and all” she wrote on social media.


The lady, whose name is Enita continued “towards the end of September the wife called me and said they wanted me to watch them in action. I refused at first but they threatened to call home affairs so I could be deported since I do not have a passport. They also offered to give me R500 each time I watched them. I agreed and they have been making me watch almost every day. I was disgusted at first but now I am looking forward to them making out in front of me”

The post received mixed reactions from people with some saying they are using her for rituals.

She finished off : “I have now gotten used to watching them that sometimes I want to jump in and join but I am scared they will not give me my R500 if I do”