65 year old dead madala’s tool stands stiff in mortuary

A strange incident happened when a dead man’s manhood stayed erect in the mortuary. Mortuary workers could not believe their eyes when they noticed the 65 year old man’s tool rising as if he was alive.

The incident happened in Brits, North West and has left the local community baffled. The old madala, who is believed to have died of natural causes, was a loner and lived alone. No one knew his story and rumor in the kasi was that he originated from Malawi.


A source :”He died in his sleep and when we were cleaning the body, we noticed that his manhood started to swell. His gigantic anaconda lifted the sheet which was covering him and each time we touched him to clean him up, it would stiffen more.”

No relatives had come forward to claim the body and mortuary officials said he might end up having a pauper’s burial.