Husband beaten for producing few sp3rms than usual

Drama unfolded in Honeydew over the weekend when a wife beat up her husband in broad daylight. The wife was accusing her husband of cheating and said her piece of evidence was in the amount of seed he had released during their love making.

The well known wife, who is popular in Honeydew for her talkative and gossip ways, dragged her husband outside into the streets and demanding he tell her who he was cheating with. Other respectable members of the community intervened to ask why she was accusing him of cheating and her reason left them laughing.


According to the wife, the husband had produced half the sp-erm he usually does. “He usually gives about 50ml of seed but today he gave about 20ml. It’s clear the other 30 went to his other woman”, she presented her piece of evidence.

The husband looked dumbfounded as his na_k3d wife delivered hot claps to his face. Eventually members of the community separated the two and the lady cooled off.

“I have never cheated on my wife, the husband said