Huge python causes commotion in Quantum Taxi

Travelers in a Toyota Quantum going from Durban to Port Shepstone had to run for their lives when a 2 meter long python slithered from one of the passengers’ luggage. The bag, which was placed in the front behind the driver, started moving and the passengers sitting in front of it started panicking.

“We had just traveled about 50km from Durban and people were sleeping or talking on their phones. It was quiet when we saw the bag move. We thought it was the engine vibrations at first but later realised that it was something more than that when we heard a hissing sound,” a woman who was sitting in the front said.


She further revealed that the minibus was stopped at the side of the road and passengers made way to the exit in panic mode. No one claimed the bag when the driver requested that each passenger take theirs. A brave man opened it and revealed was the giant reptile which coiled it’s way and hissed at the few people who had remained. The rest had fled. The python is believed to have also slithered into the bush by the side of the road.

After the commotion, the driver asked all passengers to get back in the taxi so they could continue with the journey but one passenger was no where to be found. She had been sitting in the back seat. “The woman who was sitting in the back seat was nowhere to be found. She just vanished,” said one passenger.

Everyone concluded it was her snake and they carried on with their journey which went smooth after that.