How to get more action from your partner

Men love s*x, sometimes more than our lovers are willing to offer — it happens to nearly all of us. Only the lucky guys, with babes that love s_ex get enough of it.

Yes, I know. It happens to me too. You don’t have to explain…

But do you know that you could get even more s_ex than you can handle if you do the right thing at the right time?

Touch. If you don’t know it, women like those innocent touches once in a while… and the not-so-innocent one. From a soft kiss on her neck to respectfully grabbing her bu_ttocks and, if you are na-_ked) playing with her , touches can get you more action.


Talk. Talk dirty to her. Now, you must know that this does not mean you should INSULT her. No. Just talk about the parts of her body you love and why you love it. At odd times, tell her that there’s nothing you want more than to do her right there, even on the road! You might be in the crowd and then you suddenly whisper “this dress you’re wearing is giving me an er3_ction.”

Tease. If you want the best se_x experience, you should take time to tease your woman a lot — especially the bo_obs. Pay attention to her. Trust me, that might get you more sessions in the bedroom than you can handle.

Toggle. Once in a while, toggle your functions with your woman. You are not a dictator, so don’t try to always be in charge. More often, let her take control of the s#_x. Yes. If you do, you’ll get an 0__rgasmic reward.

So go out there and do it the right way.