A young lady has cried out for help on social media after claiming that she has slept with 16 men so far in 2017.

She wrote :  “I will be turning 24 years in March and I have already slept with 16 men this year.  I am not a prostitute, I do not charge money. Things always leads to things that leads to things and I find myself in their beds. I feel so terrible and ashamed of myself, I feel there is no difference between me and a pr0stitue though”

The lady received thousands of comments and shares on the facebook post.  She continued : “I feel less of myself, like I cant get a good man to finally settle with. I am just not lucky in relationships. I haven’t had s_ex for 22 hours now and I feel better, I feel good about myself”.

She added: “These days there are rarely men who want a relationship without having s_ex and I don’t even know what to do”

She then concluded : “My body count is making me ashamed of myself. I am not sure if I am an addict or what”

Please help