Gunman’s wife bears her soul on his 24 kids

THE late actor, Christopher ‘Gunman’ Kubheka, shocked Mzansi when it emerged that he has fathered 24 children. The former Yizo Yizo and Zone 14 actor, who recently committed suicide, took this big secret to his grave and the truth only surfaced after his burial. Insiders claim that even his wife of 10 years didn’t know that he had so many children. He never had a child with his wife, Cynthia Khumalo, and she has apparently accepted his kids wholeheartedly.


A close friend to the star claims that Gunman was a ladies man and women couldn’t resist him because of his charm and the fact that he was famous.

“Chris was such a magnet when it came to attracting women. His charm and fame worked for him. He would get any woman he wanted and the evidence is there for everyone to see because he has fathered 24 children with different women,” says the friend.

Another source claims that when Gunman was still on the drama series, Zone 14, and also trying his hand in music, he met many women who were crazy about him.

“Some of the women threw themselves at him and told him that they loved him. At some stage, he didn’t even bother to propose women because they were the ones that told him that they loved him,” says the source.


It’s alleged that even though Gunman’s wife, Cynthia, knew about her husband’s cheating, she only knew about a few women who gave birth to the children of her late husband. She was apparently shocked when it emerged that there were more children that she didn’t know about.


“Cynthia got a shock during the memorial service when some of the children were called to the stage. All this took her by surprise but the worst moment was when more were introduced to her during Gunman’s funeral,” says a close family friend.


When Move! contacted Cynthia, she said that she was at peace with everything.

She says the children are innocent and she doesn’t have any animosity towards them.

“Jabu was their father and even though I didn’t know about them, I’m at peace. He only told me about four kids but that doesn’t mean that I should be bitter. These kids are the angels of God and their father left a legacy which they will embrace forever,” she says.

“What should happen now is to make sure that the mothers of these kids play their role to give them love and education, and also to share with them the great memories about Jabu. He knew about his responsibilities and I could see during the funeral that these kids were well looked after by their father,” she says.

Cynthia adds, “I don’t blame him for what happened regarding the children that I didn’t know about. I’m just proud that I managed to bring him closer to God. He loved church and started attending services. He was loved by many and we will miss him dearly.”

Source : Online