EXCLUSIVE : Gunman killed himself over side chick

Former Yizo Yizo star Chris “Gunman” Kubheka allegedly killed himself after failing to raise funds to attend the funeral of his dead nyatsi. These startling allegations were made by one of Kubheka’s neighbors, with whom the actor spent the final hours of his life.

Kubheka, 48, hung himself with a tie on Monday at his Soshanguve, Tshwane, home. The neighbor, who declined to be identified, said Kubheka was having financial difficulties and had been feeling down about the situation. “We were chilling together on Monday trying to relieve ourselves from the weekend babalas by drinking a few beers. We were hanging around the house of one of our friends who is a car mechanic. Gunman told us that his side chick, who he loved a lot, had died and he was stressing because he didn’t have money to go to her home for the funeral. He did not tell us where the girlfriend lived”.


“So later in the afternoon he left and said he was going to do something at his house and would be back. We didn’t suspect anything. We were shocked his wife came running later saying the guy had died,”said the neighbor. The neighbor added that as a result of his financial difficulties, Kubheka’s Mazda bakkie was gathering dust at the mechanic’s workshop because he could not afford to pay for it’s repairs.

Kubheka’s wife, Cynthia Khumalo said the night before he took his life, Khubeka asked her countless times if she truly loved him. “We were sitting and talking until 1am and he kept asking me if I loved him – a question I never understood where it came from all of a sudden,” the wife said.

She however said her husband committed suicide because he was depressed. “It stressed him that he was not getting jobs and he was struggling financially. he loved nice things and it hurt him that he could not afford them anymore”

Khumalo described her husband as a God-fearing man who loved church and respected God. She said they got married after they met at a church 10 years ago.