Durban magosha causes traffic jam

THE sight of her na_ked punani draws customers like bees to honey. And while she knows her roadside advertising campaign is not popular with motorists, the magosha said she didn’t care.“They can complain all they like,” the pa_ntyless woman told Mzansi Juice. “I ain’t going nowhere!”

And the men who do visit her know pleasure is just a few moments away, behind the big trees right next to the road.

MzansiJuice was alerted to the magosha’s shocking advertising by motorists who travel along the M4 going to Durban North from Durban CBD, North of Durban.

“This is too much,” said a motorist who gave his name as Xolani Shezi (36). He said it’s difficult not to look as the woman’s pu_nani was on full display. “You cannot miss it.”


A passerby, Mdu Hadebe (41), said: “She needs to find another place.”

But the magosha was in no mood to move.

“If my way of advertising doesn’t fit in with people, they should change their route. I won’t move.”

Asked how she ended up being a magosha, she said hers was a difficult life. “I couldn’t find work because I never went to school. This was my last option.”

Not all motorists were complaining, though. A man who gave his name as Linda Mzobe (49) said he enjoyed the view and it was the main reason he used the road.

Source : Online