Doom pastor’s tape leaks

In the wake of the controversial doom pastor, Lethebo Rabalago , who took headlines with his unconventional healing method whereby he sprays his congregants with DOOM insecticide, an x rated tape has been leaked via social media purporting to show the doom pastor having hot passionate s_ex with an unidentified lady in the church’s back room.


Asinavalo is in possession of the explicit tape and shows a lady enter what has now been identified as the church’s confession room. The lady then sits and the two engage in a brief conversation which culminates to groping and kissing. They they engage in a quickie while in the room.

At one moment, the pastor looks at the camera and smiles, clearly indicating that he knew of it’s existence.

The unorthodox preacher from Mount Zion General Assembly made the news recently when he claimed that spraying Doom – a household insecticide aerosol brand – on his congregation would heal them.