Church deacon bust with young girl in the bush

A church deacon was bust in the bushes enjoying the forbidden fruit while the rest of the church worshiped the coming of the new year.

The church, which is located in Itsoseng Phase 3 near Hebron, was holding their all night new year prayer which commenced on the 31st of December until 1 January. The 150 seater church hall was filled to capacity and an estimated 230 people were packed like sardines as they celebrated the coming of the new year.


During the early hours of the morning, it is believed one respected and married deacon, Mr Mare, connived with his side chick, Kgomotso, and sneaked out into the nearby bush for some action. As the two frolicked and got their juices running, another youth in the church had seen them sneaking out and followed.

Their action was captured on video and the youth raised an alarm. Other church members rushed out of the church to see what was happening and they found the ashamed deacon and girl.

The deacon was immediately striped of his position and his wife was crying uncontrollably in the crowd.