Pastor’s daughter humiliates congregation

Crown Of Grace founder and prophet’s daughter,Melissa Tshabalala broke the internet last night after she recorded herself having a good time in bed with her boyfriend,according to a report.

”I feel like disowning her because this was highly disgraceful,I’m still trying to come to terms with what my own daughter did last night I need time to get myself together,who does that ?Even those who drink alcohol cannot do that,maybe she takes,who knows ?What is certain is that I’m going to teach her a lifetime lesson”,fumed prophet Tshabalala.


According to another version,Melissa is a drug addict and her father is aware of that but he prefers to keep it a secret.

“I’m sure she was under the influence of drugs when she did that,we have known about her drug addiction way back in high school,all l can say is l saw this coming,there was no other way out”,said one of her friends who commented on condition of anonymity.

No charges have been laid yet against Mellisa by the SAPS and she has not been taking calls and replying text messages.