Tourist couple’s baby grabbed by a crocodile as they changed diaper in Kruger National Park

A tourist couple that disregarded the rules at a game park have found themselves mourning after their baby was snatched from the car window by a gigantic crocodile in the Kruger National Park.

The incident happened over the weekend. The couple from Cuba, who tour guides referred to as very rude and disrespectful embarked on a morning drive in their rented Ford Kuga. During their drive,it is said their 3 month old baby messed her diapers and the couple decided to change the diaper by opening the window and change the baby while it hung from the car window. They did this to avoid messing the car.

Just as they were about to finish, a huge crocodile attacked and grabbed the baby’s feet before performing the death roll. The defenseless mother could not match the crocodile’s strength and could only scream and watch as the crocodile devoured her 3 month old daughter.


Park rangers were called and tracked the crocodile to the river but could not locate it or any remains of the baby.

The grieving couple reportedly left the park in a huff and vowed never to set foot in Africa again.