Car salesman sleeps with 16 women

A car salesman has been taken to court after he seduced a married woman and slept with her in return for a discount towards the car she wanted to buy.

Nokwanda Tabethe appeared before the Peitermaritzburg magistrates court and accused the salesman Nesbert of placing a hidden camera and recording their encounter. She also accused him of not sticking to his end of the deal.

Nokwanda said on the 19th of December and indicated she wanted to buy a Hyundai car that was retailing for R45 000. She then said she negotiated for the price to be brought down to R40 000 but Nesbert the salesman refused and she left. The following day, Nokwanda received a call from Nesbert who asked her to come to the car yard for he had found a good deal for her.


Upon arrival, the mother of two said Nesbert told her that she had to sleep with him so he could bring the price to R39 000. “The deal was too tempting to let pass, so I agreed”, Nokwando told the magistrate. Her husband was in the courts.

However, after the s_ex, Nesbert is said to have started shifting poles and convinced Nokwanda to have more s_ex. Nokwanda then realised she was being used so she refused but Nesbert could not have none of it and started to blackmail her.

Nokwanda eventually confessed to her husband and a police report was made. When police raided Nesbert’s house, they found 16 other home made tapes with different women. They called for any woman who might have fallen victim to the man’s scheme to come forward.