Ayanda Ncwane sues the whole Ncwane family

THE family of the late gospel star, Sfiso Ncwane, is dealing with yet another drama. This comes after Sfiso’s widow, Ayanda, applied for an interim restraining order preventing his family from talking about her in the media. According to sources privy to the drama, Sfiso’s mother, Fikile and his sisters, Gugu and Sbahle, were shocked when they were issued the restraining order. They will appear in the Ndwandwe Magistrate’s Court on June 22.


A source tells Move! that Sfiso’s mother cried like a baby when the police explained to her what was entailed in the restraining order.

“With her hands on her head she called out Sfiso’s name asking him why he brought Ayanda into their lives. She was very upset and at some stage she had to be calmed down because she was struggling to breathe,” says the source.

The source says trouble started when Sfiso’s older sister, Gugu, lashed out at Ayanda for throwing a remembrance birthday bash for the late artist.

The festive affair was held at Mtwalume, south of KwaZulu-Natal, where Sfiso grew up and artists booked to perform at the birthday celebration included KwaZulu-Natal gospel artists, Nhlakanipho Cele, Dumi Mkokstad, Sgwili Zuma and Khuzani.

Sfiso’s family was not happy with the celebration, saying it happened too soon and accused Ayanda of trying to make them look like bad people for complaining about her actions.


Talking to a daily newspaper, Gugu reportedly said the artists who were booked to perform at the celebration should have snubbed it. She said they should have respected the family’s tradition that mourning lasts a year before any celebrations can take place.

“I think Ayanda wants to turn everyone against us. She wants us to be known as people who always complain or as people who hate her. But she provokes us. She organised the events without consulting us as her husband’s family. She doesn’t respond to any complaints because she wants to appear to the world as an innocent person who doesn’t talk too much. This woman wants us to look like fools. When we want answers, she ignores us. She first held the ceremony where she dumped (sic) her mourning clothes and she didn’t inform us,” the newspaper quoted her.


Gugu reportedly told the newspaper that Sfiso is their blood and loved his family, but was scared of Ayanda.

“That’s why he was not visiting us. She can do whatever she wants with our late brother, but she must watch out for bad luck. I know that she will need us one day,” the newspaper quoted her as saying.

An angry Gugu confirmed to Move! that Ayanda had issued an interim restraining order against her, her mother and sister. However, she refused to speak further about the matter, saying she will speak to Move! after June 22. When Move! contacted Ayanda for comment, she refused to comment.

Source :Move